System 70 mm
for windows

5-chamber technology with rubber gasket, modern design, quotient of thermal conductivity – 1.3 W/(m2K), an option for installing a hidden system of RegelAir

System 70 mm
for front doors

5-chamber technology with rubber gasket, stylish rounding, quotient of thermal conductivity – 1.5W(m2K), variety of colours and patterns



The German company KBE was founded in 1980, specializing primarily in the production of PVC profiles for windows and doors. It arrived in the Bulgarian market in 1998. For the last eight years it has been very active and successful in Bulgaria and has become one of the leader-companies. Since its launch, it has had its production base in Berlin. In 2004, for the convenience of its partners, it moved its administration also to Berlin.

The production capacity of the Berlin plant encompasses an area of 25, 000 sq.m. The storage area is 100, 000 sq.m. The Berlin plant, which is one of the most modern in the world, has 60 extrusion lines producing diverse PVC profiles for the whole world.

The production quality has been certified by over 25 state institutions and has been continuously controlled by national and international testing institutes, which has imposed an inner self-control of quality. This is why special laboratories have been equipped to test the strength and durability of a profile in extreme conditions.

KBE has been operating on the Bulgarian market since 1998. The recent years have been exceptionally successful for the company. A network of firms and partners has been created in most of the large cities which is constantly being developed and improved.

KBE is always helpful and cooperative towards its Bulgarian partners, exercising full control over the doors and windows produced by them in order to guarantee the quality of the final products.

All shippings of profiles are executed directly from the central store of the company in Berlin, which is a guarantee for the excellent quality. KBE does not have a production line in another country. The only exception to this rule is Russia, where the company has a plant, producing these profiles. This is so because the German plant cannot meet the demands of the vast Russian market alone.

The demand for KBE-PVC profiles is enormous in Russia since these kinds of profiles are suitable for the harsh Russian climate and the aggressive environment in that country.

The diversity of the profiles and the constant renewing of technologies are the key to the company’s success. In 2003, the German company KBE became part of Profine GmbH, which was an impetus for the development and innovation of the production of PVC profiles for the future.


This continuous aspiration to improvement led to the leadership of the production by PROFINE GROUP and its having a solid share of the European market.



The material of the windows of the future

In January 2001, KBE began producing lead-free profiles. PROFINE GROUP is the only one of the large producers of profiles that uses raw materials with a calcium-zinc stabilizer – in this way it avoids the use of lead throughout the production process.

Today the new generation of plastic profiles finally answers the future ecological requirements and is in harmony with the voluntarily accepted responsibility called Vinyl 2010, as well as in accordance with the aim of the European Commission to protect and preserve the environment and to avoid the use of lead as a stabilizer in industrial production.

Lead-free production means no traces of the heavy metal lead from the very beginning of the process to its very end and the recycling of the final product, including all additional treatments. In spite of this, the windows bearing the greenline logo possess all the classical and economic advantages of plastic as a material for the production of windows, e.g. exceptional strength and durability, high heat insulation, excellent protection against unfriendly environment and high-quality surface.

Additional information on KBE as part of Profine Group can be found here



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